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We are immensely privileged to be surrounded by the prodigy of nature and the communities of Ararat, Halls Gap, and Dunkeld. We are humbled to be able to call the open fields at the foot of the Grampian Mountain Range home for the weekend once again.

Community support and involvement are crucial components to the ongoing success of Pitch. As we are attending as visitors of the local area, it is imperative that we treat the land with the respect and dignity it deserves. Remember, we as a community are guests, we must be respectful of this and ensure we are leaving a positive impact.

Pitch Music & Arts feels great privilege to support the Djab Wurrung, Eastern Maar peoples, who are the traditional custodians of our site in Moyston, in delivering a Welcome to Country, dance performance and smoking ceremony to make the beginning of our 2024 festival.

Historically, a Welcome to Country was a rite of passage for any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person or group wishing to enter a nation that was not their own. First and foremost a Welcome to Country gave permission from the host nation to the visitor. Such permission had to be sought out a long time in advance and would require a lengthy negotiation process. The details of the ceremonial event of a Welcome to Country differs from nation to nation. Primarily however, regardless of if it was done as a speech, dance, smoking ceremony or all of the above; the ceremony was a source of information, used to show visitors safe and unsafe areas to travel and explain laws and customs they must follow whilst they are visiting.

The process of being welcomed to an Aboriginal nation is highly significant so we ask all to be present for the ceremony as a way of paying respects to the land and the traditional owners of our temporary home. We encourage all festival goers to be present and attend the Welcome ceremony. Attending a Welcome to Country expresses to the traditional custodians your recognition, as a festival patron, that Gariwerd (the Grampians) and Moyston, surrounding landscapes and the entire Australian continent always was and always will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land.

We forge ahead with our commitment to respecting our home at the foothills of the Grampians. As a community we are accountable for our actions and preserving the land we occupy at Pitch Music & Arts to its original form. Do you pledge to be proactive in reducing your footprint by being mindful of the environment?

Pitch Music & Arts is a leave-no-trace event, as a community it is our responsibility to leave the land we dance upon in the same condition we found it. This can be achieved through campsite cleanliness and leaving at the end of the festival with everything you came with. Do you pledge to align with our sustainability initiative?

Pitch Music & Arts is an all-inclusive event and a safe space for patrons. We have a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour, our community takes pride in welcoming people from all walks of life. Do you pledge to reciprocate this by behaving respectfully and inclusively?

Pitch Music & Arts is a collective community - we move, work and create together to build a safe festival experience. We urge you to look out for one another. Do you pledge to take responsibility for your wellbeing and those around you?

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